Concrete- Perfectly Imperfect

As we rounded out another year, happy clients, successful projects, trials and tribulations included, I thought it wise to share wisdom about the product. 

Here at Mattingly Concrete, we strive to be the honest, clean hat wearing contractor. Included in that task is educating our customers about the pretty, as well as the ugly, facts of concrete construction.

Concrete is often more affordable than most options when it comes to a patio or backyard setting. Being poured in place, it does not always require the level of labor involved with setting pavers or natural stone and also usually costs less on the material front. Concrete is great at dissipating heat, shedding most water, and offers an easy to maintain surface when compared with other materials. 

Concrete in a driveway setting is usually comparable in cost with blacktop or asphalt until you get to large areas the size of parking lots where asphalt becomes less costly up front.  Although, concrete is still often chosen for the purpose of less maintenance over the long haul. 

Concrete is imperfect. It is almost exclusively placed by hand and has about 4 hours of workability to make look as pretty as possible. This requires a great level of skill to even achieve a normal finished product. Concrete when cured is a very brittle structure. This means it has no elasticity to it at all. When the ground in Indiana freezes or thaws and moves, concrete is susceptible to random cracks developing, even at a young age. Concrete can also crack as the moisture evaporates from a newly placed slab as it begins to shrink. These are unavoidable properties that can never be completely controlled.

Concrete can also chip or “spall” due to winter freeze and thaw cycles, particularly on driveways where vehicles can track in road salts and other contaminants. This is another unavoidable and sometimes unsightly characteristic of concrete. 

Mattingly Concrete offers a one year warranty against these items if defined as severe within that year from install. The simple fact is, there are so many factors that can affect the longevity of the concrete surface from shade, sun, and moisture exposure to heavy usage and deep underground issues most contractors wouldnt be privvy of without extensive engineering being involved. 

With this being said, concrete is still the most popular driveway option among homeowners and business owners alike. Although the concrete may crack, chip, or spall, it will not affect the usability of the structure for many many years. Often times much longer than asphalt, pavers, or gravel.  

Sealing your concrete every fall can be the best line of defense against moisture penetrating the surface of your concrete casing cracks and spalls. This is highly recommended to protect your investment.

Hopefully this blog post has brought out healthy conversation prior to making a decision on your project. We have faith in any case, Mattingly Concrete is the right contractor for the job. Mattingly Concrete offers a customer service level that is hard to beat among contractors in the area. We appreciate our customers so much.

Will Mattingly


Mattingly Concrete Inc. 



Mattingly Concrete - Transformation

The Mattingly Concrete torch has been passed to the second generation, Will Mattingly, as of 1/2017. Dan Mattingly is still around occasionally and is a highly valued member of our team, just in a new capacity, primarily as consultant. During the last 5 years, new energy has arrived in the form of new team members, a re-vamped emphasis on company culture, a large investment into company assets from employee benefits to new technology, the latest and greatest equipment, and a monster fleet. Our growth and sustained success has been noted in publications such as the Indianapolis Business Journal and INC 5000 Magazine. Much of this has been made possible by our amazing customer base and our loyal employees, both long term veterans and new. 

Mattingly Concrete has completed roughly 2,200 individual projects over the last 4 years in the Indianapolis market alone. Averaging about 100 projects a year from 1987-2012, things have definitely changed. To scale this way has been a great challenge and our core values have extended to every corner of today's operation. We pride ourselves in constantly improving our processes to provide our customers (both residential and commercial) with a better than ever experience with each new project. We track almost every aspect of our business, not to only gauge efficiency that allows us to stay competitive, but to always improve. Our culture within is one that preaches cleanliness, honesty, integrity, and hard work. No project goes by without its challenges, but we enjoy the possibility of meeting and exceeding expectations. Not every job is for us, 

We set expectations in more ways than one. Through in house educational videos and articles provided to our customers, on site meetings, and the best pre-project planning we can provide. Expectations are set by your contractor, no matter who or how, they are setting them. If someone shows up to an estimate clean and happy, wouldn't you expect the crew to appear and act the same? We strive to set these expectations correctly, be clear and concise, and follow through on our word. The customer has the power to use whomever they would like, but we want to remain close or at the top of the professionalism scale. 

We are humbled by the opportunities we have been provided, but also realize the work never stops. To be good, we must constantly keep "being good" in mind. 

“Be true to yourself, help others, make each day your masterpiece, make friendship a fine art, drink deeply from good books – especially the Bible, build a shelter against a rainy day, give thanks for your blessings and pray for guidance every day.” – John Wooden

Will Mattingly - President

Don't "Fall" Behind...

Today is the first day of fall 2016! A fact many share very different opinions on. Weather you enjoy fall or dread it, Mattingly Concrete, Inc. is here to help. The changing of the seasons is something many of us Hoosiers are all too aware of. With that, comes typical maintenance many homeowners are sure to look out for; cleaning gutters, doing that final exterior project, getting the lawn ready for winter, or bagging leaves and doing yard work, all chores that we can encounter. 

Properly maintaining your concrete or having your exterior concrete overhauled doesn't need to be as hard on YOU as it seems. Here at Mattingly Concrete, we offer a slew of professional concrete services. We strive to make this daunting task as easy on the client as possible. Be it a commercial business park or a residential backyard setting or driveway, we can offer a turn key service to bring your exterior hard surfaces back to life or give them new life all together.

Is it too cold in the late fall to be pouring concrete? We are well aware of the limitations that mother nature puts in place for proper concrete curing. We have very specific methods and tools that we utilize combined with advanced concrete and cement additives for cold weather pouring to allow us to install a quality product almost year round! Utilizing freeze-proof concrete mixes and other tools we have at our disposal, Mattingly Concrete is your clear choice for that last minute concrete project as we head into winter. We typically pour our exterior projects through Christmas time and sometimes there after on warmer years past. One big advantage is that price breaks are often put in place for end of year projects!

Call today to schedule your free estimate as our schedule usually fills up fast for the end of the year! 317-867-4049

Think Spring.

Spring is right around the corner. The schedules are filling up fast gor home improvement contractors accross the city. If you are considering your next concrete home improvement around the house and want it done before Memorial Day weekend or some other major spring holiday or event, consider to start planning now! There is no time "too early" 

Get your estimate now for budgeting purposes. Your estimator may work within your budget once its made known and we can help you get the most for your money!  

  1. Consider your options when comparing estimates. Compare apples to apples rather than apples to oranges. If one contractor is offering more for a greater price, or one less for a lower price, be sure to make your budgetary concerns and ultimate goals known. 
  2. Compare experience being put to the task. Typically, a company with more experience will see obstacles and potential unrelated circumstances involved with a job and the price will reflect that, so ASK plenty of questions if anything is unclear in your proposal. 
  3. Follow your gut feeling. Check a company's reviews and reputation on sites like Angie's List and save yourself the headache of paying to do the same job twice. Get it done the right way the first time and youll be worry free for the life of the concrete. 
  4. Ask about warranties and additional support and maintinence options. 

Winter Maintenance Tip From The Pros

So you've just had a new concrete driveway, sidewalk , or set of steps installed and you've heard all of the rumors and wives tales about salting concrete. Well we are here to set the record straight. NEVER de-ice any concrete surface in below freezing conditions!

The Science Behind The Explanation:

Concrete is a very porous surface type. It acts as a sponge and soaks in liquids as they land about. This can be oil, water, natural stains, etc. In the winter months, during a snow or ice storm, per say, the microscopic pores in the concrete surface are filled with freezing water particles. This begins to form a slick layer of matter or ice. Once a vehicle or the weight of a human footprint pack the snow down further, that's when you have a serious problem, Or So You Think. Once ANY type of ice-melt is applied and the ambient temperature is below freezing, it begins to melt the snow and ice. Thus causing the water to break down further, seep deeper into the concrete surface, freeze, and expand again. This causes about 99% of surface spalling, chipping, or pop-outs in concrete, especially in the first year or two. Its best to shovel off any concrete surface BEFORE walking or tracking on it. This makes the process much easier and takes away any need for de-icing. A good alternative for de-icing products are kitty litter or sand. This can be spread about to increase traction and can easily be swept or blow away in the spring as things thaw out. If you MUST use de-icing products as means of liability requirements, we suggest sealing your concrete two times before the first winter it experiences. Then yearly after that before each winter. There is no such thing as "concrete safe" de-icing product. The science proves it to be simply wrong. If your car is expected to track salt from the street into the driveway or garage it is also recommended that you seal your concrete yearly. You can do it yourself or call on us, but we highly recommend that you not risk your investment! Remember: Under NO (reasonable) CIRCUMSTANCE should you use de-icing salts around your home. Please just shovel or sweep!